Due to the bad lifestyle, some so many younger people are suffering from different diseases. Many people are suffering from a critical illness such as kidney disease, heart disease, etc. So, to get rid of these issues and get financial support, it will be better to include a critical illness insurance plan in your health insurance Singaporeportfolio. In this article, we will discuss the reasons you should buy this and include it in your health insurance portfolio.

Introduction Of Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Like the other health insurance policy, it is also a policy that provides more benefits than other health insurance policies. In this policy, you will get a lump sum amount that you can spend on your household expenses. Under this policy, different illnesses are included, such as stroke, cancer, paralysis, kidney failure, tumor, liver disease, etc.

It covers only the critical illness and provides you an amount on each diagnosis. It offers different benefits for different illnesses. So, it depends upon your illness that how much you will get benefit from this. It provides you financial support. With this policy, you can consult with the international doctors also. This policy works.

One person can buy different critical illness insurance plans. You can also buy a critical illness insurance plan with other health insurance plans. So, why are you looking here and there? This is the best time to buy a critical illness insurance plan from HLAS for you and your family. But before buying it let’s check the reasons for which you should buy this.

Reasons For Which You Should Include The Critical Illness Insurance Plan In Your Health Insurance Portfolio

  1. To Extend Your Life Span: 

Nowadays, everyone is suffering from many diseases. As our lifestyle changes the risk of dying through different disease is also increase. At this stage, everyone is looking to get some tricks to expand their life span. The critical illness insurance plan will help you in this situation. Through this, you can save your life and your family and friends. By buying this, you can sit and relax. Make sure that you should purchase the policy when you are fit and fine. It provides you financial support in some emergency cases. That’s why professional suggest including this plan in your health insurance portfolio.

  1. To Get A Lump Sum Amount: 

When you buy a critical illness insurance plan, you will get the lump sum amount on some emergency. But in other plans, you can’t get this amount. Here you can spend this amount on your non-medical expenses also. So, it will be better if you buy this plan from your side to get extra benefits.

  1. Covers Many Illnesses: 

There are many health insurance policies, but if you compare them with a critical illness insurance plan, you will not be interested in buying any other policy. In a critical illness insurance plan, you will be covered by multiple illnesses. There are different types of critical illness insurance plans, and each plan consists of various numbers of illnesses. Most of the plan covers up to 37 illnesses, an additional point to buy such a plan from any insurance company.

  1. Low Premiums For High Coverage: 

For high coverage, it offers a low premium. When you buy a plan which provides you a higher coverage, then it provides a low premium. Through this, you will get a lot of benefits if you are a woman or a senior citizen.

  1. To Get Benefits On Tax: 

It is another reason to include a critical illness insurance plan in your health insurance portfolio. When you already paid a premium for a particular policy then, you can save your tax. It provides you a tax-free solution with a lot of other benefits. With this policy, you can spend your life happily by reducing medical expenses.

  1. To Consult With Best Doctors: 

The critical illness insurance plan allows you to consult with the best doctors. With this plan, you can consult with the doctors who are experts in their field. When you claim, your medical file is put before a panel who can determine whether the correct diagnosis treats you.

  1. To Get Cash Backs: 

With this plan, you can also get the cash back of some portion of the premium paid. You are eligible to get this amount after a specific period. In this plan, if you don’t need to make any claim, then you can cancel the policy and get a cash back, as mentioned in your policy.

  1. As A Financial Supporter: 

If you are the only income source of your family and can’t work because of your medical issues, this will be financial support for your family. In this situation, a critical illness insurance plan will save you from stress and depression.

  1. To Get International Treatment: 

With a critical illness insurance policy, you can visit the international doctors to get a diagnosis. This insurance policy will allow you to get connected with the doctors you want. With this policy, you will get benefitted from the rapid medical advancements and quick treatment.

  1. 24/7 Emergency Solution: 

With this policy, you will get 24/7 emergency solutions. When you have a critical illness insurance plan, then you don’t need to go here and there for help in some emergency cases. You can directly visit the company and claim your policy to get benefits. The claiming process is also easy, and anyone can easily do this in a minimum period.


The above-discussed points are why you should include a critical illness insurance plan in your health insurance portfolio. You can buy the multiple critical illness insurance plans for your newborn baby to a 65-year-old man. To include this critical illness insurance in your health insurance portfolio, you should first visit an insurance company. It is essential to make sure that you visit the right company that can offer you the right choice based on your preferences.